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"BEAUTY IN A MODERN WORLD: An Editorial Inspired Photoshoot in Downtown Wadsworth, Ohio"

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! Along with my love for photography, I absolutely adore the art of writing. I decided to venture into blogging alongside my photography, and what better way to kick off this new journey than by sharing the highlights of my latest photoshoot in Downtown Wadsworth!


Earlier this year I posted Model Calls on my Instagram story and received plenty of entries. It was hard to choose just one, but I ended up picking R for my Portrait Session Model Call. We ended up scheduling our shoot for February 21st, and everything went swimmingly!

A model posing on the streets of a town

A few days before we began shooting, I realized that I wanted to do something inspired by Editorial Photography, as that genre was a bit foreign to me - and I do enjoy trying new things!

After delving into the vast world of Editorial Photography, I began to understand something.

Editorial Photography is not just about Modeling and Fashion, but hidden purpose WITHIN these mediums, captured by an outside medium. It is pure storytelling.


I then asked myself, what story can R & I tell? What can we talk about with those around us through our collective creation?

I then had an idea: BEAUTY IN A MODERN WORLD. But what does this message mean? How can we portray it well?

A female model posing in front of a building holding a Monet book

It soon became clear.

While modern things don't always lack beauty, certain forms of modern architecture and expressions often fail to encourage the fullness of the human experience in the way that classical architecture or expressions can. In fact, these modern forms can sometimes be discouraging for the human spirit. To bring this vision to life, I styled R in more classic pieces to starkly express the disconnection that exists between what is visibly beautiful and what is not. I also brought along my Monet book to include in our shots, which became a poignant part of this message.

Human beings crave beauty. We ARE beautiful. We crave dignity. We ARE dignified.

I wanted these photos to tell a story about how our modern society continues to let us down by allowing for less in a world that so desperately needs more, while knowing that we are the only ones who can change it for the better.

So, with that being said, here is the story. And I hope it inspires you to encourage truth, beauty, and goodness.

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